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Slimline Water Tank

Find the Perfect Slimline Water Tank for Your Property

Would your property benefit from a slimline water tank or two to collect captured rainwater? More Australian homeowners have discovered that the answer is a resounding “yes” — and those benefits are likely to become even more apparent in the coming years. With a smart selection and the right supplier, you can tap into an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to cut down on your monthly water consumption without compromising on all the things you’d like to do around the house or the garden.

Typically, though, rainwater tanks have been seen as bulky and difficult to place on most properties, especially more urban blocks that have less available space. That doesn’t have to be true. With the right design, it’s possible to store an impressive amount of water in a surprisingly small space. At NextGenRoto, we provide Australian homeowners with rainwater tanks in a slimline profile sure to work well for your home.

The Growing Importance of Slimline Rainwater Tanks in Melbourne

There are several major reasons why more homeowners have chosen to purchase slim water tanks from Sydney to Melbourne. Take a step back and consider why it may only become more important to have an alternative water source:

  • Water bills are already on the rise, and it’s likely to continue that way for the foreseeable future. The government itself has predicted rising prices for the next several decades, exacerbated by problems such as persistent droughts. Collecting rainwater can provide you with an easy alternative source to keep your bills lower.
  • Common activities such as watering your garden or washing your car can be wasteful when you rely on municipal water sources. With harvested rainwater, however, you have no such concerns.
  • There’s no telling what the future holds but planning appropriately to make your home more self-sufficient and reducing your footprint are constructive steps to take.

The Benefits of Slimline Tanks by NextGenRoto

When you choose to invest in slimline water tanks in Adelaide by using our service, we hope you’ll enjoy experiencing the benefits of the tanks we create. Some of the specific advantages our products provide to clients include:

  • Sleek profiles that make it simpler to find locations in your garden or around your property where you can fit a tank. Our extensive experience in tank manufacturing lets us provide shapes that better fit in the empty spaces you have.
  • A wide range of colour options so you can make your tank blend into the area. Some homeowners find tanks unsightly but choosing the right colour can make it just another part of the scenery.
  • High-quality and UV-resistant construction built to last, so you can count on reliable tanks for many years.

What Sets NextGenRoto Apart Regarding Slimline Poly Water Tanks?

Why should you zero in on using our services in particular? Let’s look at what underpins our experience and how we work hard every day to bring our clients superior results that they can rely on for safe water storage for years to come.

  • We can provide our customers with in-depth insight into selecting a water tank of the appropriate size for their requirements. Every home is different, and our skilful estimates can guide you towards the right tank.
  • We offer a modular tanking system for those who want to build up their storage capacity over time. As you choose to add more, simply connect tanks of the same size and enjoy even greater storage in a setup that works for you.
  • We manufacture all the tanks you can purchase through our business, relying on quality Australian materials throughout the process.

Our Solutions for Large Slimline Water Tanks

Do you want to be able to accumulate as much water during rainy periods as possible? Choosing tanks with very large capacities will be the right choice. NextGenRoto can provide tanks with surprisingly large volumes for household applications.

  • For those who want to go as big as possible as soon as possible, we provide slimline modular tanks in capacities up to 8 000 litres.
  • For mid-size needs, we offer tanks in both 4 000 and 5 000-litre sizes. Still quite large and capable of collecting lots of rainwater, by linking multiple tanks you achieve the precise capacity you require. Our 5,000 litre slimline is also a modular system. 2 x 2,500 litre tanks joined by an interconnection kit.

Services Related to Slim Tanks for Rainwater We Provide

What else can you expect from our service? From design to delivery, we emphasise positive and easy-going experiences for our clients. When choosing to work with NextGenRoto, you’ll also enjoy service capabilities such as:

  • Product guidance. As we mentioned earlier, we’re happy to share our knowledge about water tanks, their benefits, and how to care for them over the years. With the appropriate setups, you may even be able to rely on some of your tanked water as a potable source.
  • No-contact delivery services. To provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind, we offer a simple procedure for dropping off your tanks that requires no contact on your part.

About NextGenRoto

Australian-owned, and running with more than 30 years of experience, NextGenRoto is your quality source for locally-made and quality-tested water tanks in slimline profiles designed for long-term use outdoors in our often harsh weather conditions. Proud to provide homeowners with an extensive range of solutions based on their specific needs, we look forward to helping you discover the ideal option for reducing your water bills and lowering your footprint in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our tank options and how to order.