Custom Services


At NextGenRoto, we’re not just about water tanks. Our talent and expertise in rotational moulding means that if you’re looking to develop a customised product, we have the experience and commitment to get the job done to the highest of standards.

We take pride in our work and we ensure that the concept you need manufactured is delivered on time, and of the highest quality. From the materials we use, to the experts who lead our custom design projects, we make certain that what we produce is right every time. Our quality control method is of the strictest standards, we don’t cut corners, they are industry-leading quality control procedures.

An idea is all you need to get started.

Our development process is simple and straightforward.


You have a vision, and we have the skills, tools and means to bring your idea to life. Our talented and trusted team will sit down with you to discuss the project at hand. We ensure that any considerations and concerns are included as part of our discussions.


The next step is for our NextGenRoto team to discuss and understand from each department’s perspective, what is required to develop your prototype. This includes drawing the design and reviewing all the technical aspects of the production. We make sure that every area of the business is across your project so that we not only have a smooth development sequence, but all aspects of the process are considered, which ultimately generates the best prototype possible.


Using our exceptional production techniques, we begin developing your prototype. This process continues until the prototype is perfect. We uphold the highest of standards and will not rest until the prototype is exactly what you have envisioned.


Once the prototype has been developed, we present it to you. We review with you the successes of the process and discuss any challenges that were overcome during the development phase, so as to ensure zero interruptions during future manufacturing.

If you have an idea that requires a custom design in rotational moulding, contact us. We can discuss your specific job requirements and engineer the product you need for the best result.