2000 Litre Water Tank

2000-Litre Water Tank

Trust Us for a High-Quality 2000-Litre Water Tank

Australia is one of the more arid countries on Earth where water is a precious resource. Globally, increases in the population have led to the threat of water shortages in several countries. To avoid a situation where you’re without a critical commodity, it’s advisable to consider installing a 2000-litre water tank. By harvesting rainwater to use in your home avoids placing the water supply under strain. NextGenRoto is a business that focuses on the environment by rotational moulding and manufacturing recyclable products such as the 10000-litre round water tank.

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What Size Water Tank Might I Need?

Australians are the biggest consumers of water in the world per capita, even though the rainfall here is far below the global average. A portion of a household’s water consumption goes to gardening and cleaning which you can view as waste. For this reason, more home and business owners are installing a 3000-litre slimline water tank to collect rainwater and save millions of litres every year. However, selecting the ideal size is tricky, but following this process should point you in the correct direction.

  • The first step to identifying which water tank is suitable for you is establishing how much rain you can expect. The average rainfall across Victoria varies between 200mm to over 1 000mm annually. Inspect your historic rainfall data at the Bureau of Meteorology to obtain an idea about rainfall pattern. This should guide you with how big your tank should be and if the 5000l round water tank is a suitable option.
  • Consider why you require an additional source of water. If gardening is the primary reason, you should note how many times during the week you water the garden. If this is the case, you’d require a 4000-litre water tank at the very least. Additionally, if you require water for the laundry, bathroom and other household appliances, an 8000-litre modular water tank is probably a wiser investment.
  • While this process isn’t an exact science because rainfall can vary, it offers a close estimate of where you can maximise the use of your water tank. We recommend that your tank should hold a minimum of four weeks’ water supply.

What to Expect from NextGenRoto Regarding a 2000l Slimline Water Tank

We manufacture our water tanks according to strict Australian standards so they can withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Consequently, you can be confident when acquiring our products as they’re durable and offer a sustainable experience.

  • Every manufacturer makes promises about their products being the best in the business, but we’ve gone further to demonstrate our faith in our water tanks by offering a ten-year repair or replacement warranty. As a result, you can be confident in your decision to help conserve water resources.
  • We understand the pressing need for water tanks and try to deliver yours in a timeframe of between two to three weeks. Deliveries to metropolitan areas in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or the ACT are free. Furthermore, we now offer zero contact delivery services to prioritise the safety of our team and yourself.
  • Water tanks are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colours, but if you reach a dead-end identifying your ideal tank, we can assist you. Regardless of the size, we make  tanks that are suitable for your water supply requirements.
  • If you’ve done the calculations and have a proper idea of the size of the water tank you require, you can simply shop in our online store. We have them readily available with the information you need to know. When you’re happy with the product, simply add it to your shopping cart and use one of the available payment methods. If you’re finding it difficult to raise funds for the purchase, we offer Openpay where you can pay for the goods in instalments.
2000l Slimline Water Tank

Why Choose NextGenRoto Regarding a 6000 Litre Module Water Tank

We are a family-operated business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our manufacturing process is one-of-a-kind and allows us to produce goods such as water tanks, recreational vehicle tanks, truck tanks, pumps, and pool accessories. One of our core values is providing excellent customer service which is something that resonates with every team member from the manufacturing staff through to the sales and delivery crews.

We’re a member of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia which highlights our status as one of the preferred providers of water tanks in the region. Contact us if you require assistance with our products.