NextGenRoto are the specialists in rotational moulding, a plastics moulding technology developed for manufacturing hollow products. Via our expert manufacturing process, our current product range includes water tanks, caravan, recreational vehicle and truck tankspumps and pool accessories.

NextGenRoto is a family-owned Australian company with 25 years rotational moulding experience. All of our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia. We are committed to producing quality, durable products that are engineered to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Our mission is to ensure that every NextGenRoto customer has a premium experience. Starting with our knowledgeable manufacturing team, our helpful and obliging sales and customer service staff, through to our friendly and professional delivery crew. We take the hard work out of the process to make it as simple as possible for our customers.

Our high-quality products are a result of using UV stabilised food grade polyethylene. They’re also built to last. It’s the one-piece cylindrical construction that ensures ‘hoop’ strength and stability. We comply with AS/NZS 4766 standard for above ground tanks and we stand by the quality of our water tanks, so much so, that we provide a 10 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty !

Our large range of water tanks means that you have an array of size, shape and colour options to choose from. If you’re looking for a ColorbondTM match, head to your local NextGenRoto stockist to find your match.

We are also continuously working towards bringing our customers new products, using the rotational moulding process. Understanding how each product will benefit our customers forms the basis for new product development and how our current product range came to be. Meeting our customers’ needs is how we know we are making a great product. As we grow, so will our product offering, so make sure you check back to see what new items become available.

Water Tank Australia NextGenRoto: Premium Water Tanks in Australia

If you are considering getting a water tank in Australia, now is the time. One of the best ways to do your bit for the environment and save a bundle on utilities at the same time is by getting a water tank. Your garden does not have to look like a desert just because you are trying to save water.
In fact, you can use rainwater from water tanks for much more than just your garden. You can even use properly filtered, stored rainwater for showering, laundry, flushing of toilets and much more. We are leading water tank manufacturers in Australia, with a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colours. Be part of the solution by getting your own water tank.
4000 litre water tank

Benefits of Water Tanks in the ACT

There is no downside to owning your own water tank. In countries like Australia, wherever-escalating demand is constantly threatening to outstrip supply, having a water tank ensures you don’t fall victim to unexpected interruptions. Your home will always have access to fresh water, even in the event of a disruption in the water supply.

  • Water scarcity is real, and it is getting worse by the day. With a water tank, you will be able to collect rainwater that would otherwise just disappear down the drainage system. This helps relieve pressure on the Government to provide water, especially to areas where shortages are prominent.
  • Stored rainwater is often cleaner and less contaminated than water provided by the government. While they do treat the water, you have to ask how old the reservoir is from which you receive your water. Declining water quality, especially in reservoirs, is a worldwide problem. Properly filtered and treated, your stored water may even be good enough to drink.
  • A water tank will save you money in the long run. The obvious saving on your monthly water bill is only the beginning. Having a water tank tends to result in consumers becoming much more aware of their usage and ultimately promotes more responsible water usage.
  • The amount of water is not infinite by any means, and worldwide, it is becoming a precious commodity. New water supply infrastructure is costing millions, and the building of the infrastructure is not doing the environment any favours. Doing your bit for the environment by saving water means you are using this precious natural resource wisely, deliberately eliminating unintentional wastage.


What Sets NextGenRoto Apart Regarding Water Tanks in Melbourne

When it comes to water tanks, NextGenRoto is the name to know. Our extensive range of water tanks means that whatever your colour, shape, or size requirements, we have the perfect tank for your application. Whether you want to save some money on your water bill with a water tank at home, or if you are a contractor that needs to transport or store water for whatever reason, we can help.

  • We are a family-owned business with 30 years of combined experience in rotational plastics moulding and water tanks. We are proud members of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia Ltd., fully committed to providing a product of the highest quality. We are fully compliant with AS/NZS 4766 standard, and our focus on quality is such that we provide a 10-year repair or replacement warranty on all our tanks.
  • Our 100% Australian-made water tanks are manufactured from UV stabilised food-grade polyethylene, ensuring they can withstand even the worst of Australia’s harsh weather conditions.
  • Our commitment to quality goes above and beyond our products. Our friendly and professional team will provide you with the best customer service from first contact to completion.
  • Covid-19 has disrupted nearly every industry in the world, and ours is no different. Our convenient no-contact delivery service effectively ensures your safety and that of our team.

About NextGenRoto

We are industry-leading water tank suppliers and can help you anywhere in Melbourne and the ACT. No matter what your application, we have a water tank for you. From domestic water tanks to caravan and recreational vehicle water tanks to truck tanks, pumps, and pool accessories, we have it all. Should you require a custom made polymer product, our team is ready to help make your plan a reality.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

NextGenRoto is a proud member of ARMA, the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia.
Member of ARMA