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AQUASEAT – Ergonomic Garden Seat while Watering Precious Plants – MASSIVE SALE 20% OFF – while stocks last

AQUASEAT – Ergonomic Garden Seat while Watering Precious Plants – MASSIVE SALE 20% OFF – while stocks last


5 Year


With an aesthetically attractive design, the AquaSeat is versatile, with endless opportunity for use. Designed with a contemporary shape, the body contour makes it a comfortable and practical seating option, whilst also watering your garden beds and plants nearby. Available in stone texture, translucent or coloured material, it can be your garden’s showpiece, or blend into its surroundings.

The AquaSeat will hold 275 litres of fresh water, but the true beauty of this unique piece of garden irrigation, is its additional uses:

Secondary Storm Water Retention

  • Connect to a larger rainwater harvesting tank for a flow-on effect
  • Drip feed plants and trees
  • Liquid fertiliser can be added to water

Bollard Applications

  • The translucent colour option allows for night-time usage, when a lighting unit* is fitted
  • Ability to be secured to the ground or concrete, providing a permanent bollard option
  • When removed, the steel caps will cover Inground Mount

Event Applications

  • Barricading off areas
  • Acts as crowd controllers to corral patrons at events, concert or expos

Exercise & Playground Equipment

  • Step ups for park workouts, or your own backyard
  • Caterpillar play equipment for Early Child Centres
    and Schools

The ergonomics of this urban furniture design provides integral strength with a self draining top face, so it won’t hold water, avoiding puddles.

Can act as a tree-feeder reservoir for new plants and trees, promoting tree survival.

100% recyclable.

At only 25 kgs, it’s light weight thus allowing easy management and portability, whilst being able to withstand up to 200 kgs.

Whilst drip feeding your garden beds, the AquaSeat can also supply liquid fertilizer.

Stackable for easy storage, and can be palletised in sets of 6.

It really is unique, versatile and fun to have in the backyard. Click here to check out the transparent AquaSeat at night time for a super cool effect!

Choose from a range of colours to either blend in with nature, or a colour to make it highly visible. To view our full range of colours, visit

Download the AquaSeat product information sheet.

Download the Aquaseat A4 flyer Final – Digital 

* Lighting units are not included.

* Sale does not include Stone Texture

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Natural, Armour Grey, Basalt, Beige, Birch Grey, Black, Blue, Bluestone, Clay Brown, Dark Green, Dusk, Green, Gull Grey, Heritage Red, Joey, Lime Green, Merino Beige, Mist Green, Monument, Mountain Blue, Off White, Orange, Pink, Purple, Quay, Red, Rivergum, Slate Grey, Smooth Cream, Tank White, Teal, Valley, Wheat, Yellow

Product Code:  AQS
Diameter:  1120 mm
Height: 420 mm
Water Capacity:  275 kgs
Weight: 25 kgs (empty)
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    Tank White
  • w
    Off White
  • w
    Smooth Cream
  • w
  • w
    Merino Biege
  • w
  • w
  • w
  • w
    Clay Brown
  • w
    Heritage Red
  • w
    Gull Grey
  • w
    Birch Grey
  • w
  • w
    Armour Grey
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    Mist Green
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    Dark Green
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    Mountain Blue
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    Slate Grey
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