Automotive Tanks

Water is one of our most precious resources, but when on the road, it’s not always accessible. That’s why it is so important to ensure your recreational vehicle is fitted with a quality, durable water tank, manufactured in Australia.
Self-containment has become an important aspect of road travel. Many towns and National Parks will not allow
access without a tank. Our tanks are not only made to endure the road, but they are versatile, so you can store grey water or fresh water.

Built to last, using UV stabilised food grade polyethylene. BPA free.
Our water tanks are available in a range of made-to-order colours.
The versatile tanks can be used to store grey water, fresh water & there is diesel available.
Includes the NextGenRoto 3 Year Manufacturer’s
Repair or Replacement Warranty.

A baffle to prevent the movement of fluid.
Spin welds to create smoother injection-moulded threads, therefore reducing the chance of cross-threading.

6 Page Roll Fold RV tank brochure – Retail prices

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