Invest in a Water Tank


Farmers capturing and preserving rain water for drought periods is no longer considered to be the only use for a water tank. The surge in residential homes investing in water tanks is evident. Families and individuals are starting to see the benefits of investing in a water tank.

The rain water captured by water tanks have numerous household uses. The most common use for a tank water is garden irrigation, without straining your water bill. However tank water can also be used to flush toilets, supply water to your pool, wash cars, and even wash your clothes.

We are often asked as to whether captured rain water is safe for drinking. Whilst it’s intended purpose may not be specifically for this, if your water tank is properly cleaned and maintained, and you use the appropriate pumps, fittings and connections, you can use unmodified, non-fluoridated, crisp water.

There’s no doubt about it, water bills will continue to rise. In fact, the Australian Government is predicting water bills to increase to an average of $2500 for the typical Australian household, by 2040*. Now is the time to invest in a water tank and start saving on water bills.

Investing in a water tank is the easy part of the decision, but choosing the right tank for your property has a number of elements to consider. NextGenRoto are specialists in developing water tanks and advising which tank is best suited to your needs.

Our water tanks are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia, and are constructed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Our high-quality tanks are a result of using UV stabilised food grade polyethylene, and importantly, are BPA free. Investing in a polytheylene water tank has a number of benefits, they are light-weight, strong, and can be more cost-efficient than some of the alternative water tanks available on the market. They also won’t corrode, are easy to clean, and importantly, are easy to install.

If you’re concerned about your water tank sticking out like a sore thumb in your garden, NextGenRoto have a range of water tank sizes, shapes and colours, which can potentially create a more discreet form of storing rain water. To find the right water tank to suit your needs, visit your local NextGenRoto specialist.